Healthcare - Project Experience & Highlights


Healthcare has been a focus since the founding of the company. In fact, we are the longest active vendor at Sharp Healthcare. This longevity confirms our understanding and ability to operate in a power-critical environment while prioritizing patient safety and privacy. Our experience often leads us to be the lead contractor on projects, leading design-build efforts and coordinating infectious control protocols. This level of customer service enables us to transfer our skills and experience into other markets such as Biotech, Department of Defense Companies, and Technology companies.


Healthcare Project Highlights


Sharp Data Center Electrical Preventative Maintenance
Sharp Grossmont Hospital East Tower Substation Replacement
Sharp Coronado IR Scanning


Sharp Grossmont Hospital Observation
Sharp Grossmont Hospital Endoscopy Processor Replacement


Sharp Grossmont Hospital Rehab Bed Expansion
Sharp Central Pharmacy Expansion
Sharp Metro Hospital Angio 9 Cath Lab 4


Sharp Grossmont Hospital Load Shed
Sharp Copley CRAC Replacement
Scripps Green Load Recordings

Small Business for the Purpose of Public Works
Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Bicsi RCDD